Month: May 2016

Things I wish I could tell my step kid’s mother

10 things I wish I could tell my stepson's mom

My step kid’s mother and I don’t know each other well. Almost ALL of what we know is told secondhand by someone else. We barely communicate, and when we do, it’s mostly small talk. Apparently “Keep it Superficial” is the name of the game when it comes to step-parents communicating with birth parents.

But if I’m being totally honest, I wish it was more than that.

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How to Cure Toddler Constipation

Happy Baby Potty Training

Up until the past few weeks my daughter was having a hard time going number 2. Every time she even thought about pooping, she cried. Whenever I changed a poop diaper, it was filled with large, rock solid pellets. I felt awful for her. And toddler constipation is not a fun thing to deal with when you want to start potty training.

How do you get your two-year old to poop on the potty when she’s terrified to poop at all? 

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The Ultimate Customizable Bath Soak



If you read my Blended Family post, you know there are a lot of mothers in our family. And they are all amazing. Usually, I have the kids make them something to mail, but since I’ve gotten really into essential oils, I wanted to test out my skills and send out some handmade bath soak gifts.

I decided on bath soaks because who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath? Plus, it’s less likely to spill all over than a scrub or an oil blend. They’re getting mailed from one coast to the other, so I have to be conscious of that stuff.

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