What in the world is a blended family?

So, of all the things I could be writing about, why would I choose to define a blended family?

Well, here’s what happened last night. I finished writing my “About Me” page and asked my editor (aka husband) to check it out. ¬†Here’s what he said. “I think it’s really rad, but you might want to check on the meaning of ‘blended family’ before you go live. I’m pretty sure it means we’re mixed race or something.”

No, dear husband, that’s not what it means. I didn’t have to check the meaning. I’m all over blended family support groups. How could he ever doubt me, his all-knowing Queen?

“No, babe, it means like step-families and stuff.”

But there he was, googling away on the google machine.

Deep sigh in.. “Oh. You’re more correct than I am.” (We don’t believe in saying “You’re Right” in out house. And neither of us is ever wrong.)

So, this is what blended family means to me:

  • One husbandBlended_Family_words
  • Two wives (One ex, one me)
  • One nine-year old boy (Made by Wife #1 and Husband)
  • One two-year old girl (Made by yours truly, and a little help from Husband)
  • One adopted boy dog (My first child)
  • One adopted girl dog (Our youngest child)


  • One maybe baby (Because if we DO have another one, and he or she reads this someday, I want them to feel included.)

In addition to that, my step-son has half-siblings, and step-siblings at his mother’s house too.

We also have an array of family and step-family members. Between me and my husband, we have seven parents and at least nine siblings. I honestly don’t know the exact amount because I’ve never met some of them on his side.

But the great thing about blended families? Nobody cares if there’s a blood relation. We treat everyone equally in our family. No one is more, or less important.

We blended together to make one big happy family. (See what I did there?)

So, if you’re like my husband and thinking we have multicultural babies, I mean I guess you’re right since the dogs aren’t human. But other than that, we’re all pretty pale, and all culturally American. And all love each other.

Stay tuned for my post about the joys of being a step-mom.

Comment below to tell me about your family! Are you a blended family? A traditional family? Or is your pet your only child?


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