Your New Favorite Body Scrub


I still remember my first body scrub that I bought when I was about 12 years old. Remember the St. Ives Apricot scrub? I think pretty much every girl my age owned a tube of it. I don’t even know why we thought we needed it. We still had baby soft skin.

I upgraded in cosmetology school to the stuff we used on clients. That foot exfoliating scrub we used during pedicures? I used that stuff more than I used soap.

Then, I started working in high end spas. You will not believe the amazing scrubs I got to try. Dead sea salt, micro beads, more apricot, enzymes, brown sugar, peels, alpha hydroxy acids… The list doesn’t end. you name it, I tried it. If the label promised to rid its owner the sloughing of dead skin cells and regeneration of baby soft skin, I owned at least one container of it.

Who doesn’t love baby soft skin? I’ve yet to meet a person that said “Soft skin? Ew!”

I’m comfortable with admitting I’m obsessed with exfoliating. It just feels so much more clean to have smooth, healthy skin. But buying that much body scrub gets kind of expensive.

So I started making my own. And it costs so much less than buying it. Plus, I know exactly what’s in it. No extra junk, chemicals, or preservatives.

It’s so easy to make a good body scrub. Here’s what you need:

1 cup- Epsom salt

1-2 ounces- Grapeseed oil

2 tablespoons- Baking Soda

15-20 drops- essential oils (optional)

How to mix your body scrub:

  1. Place epsom salt in a container with a little wiggle room for stirring.
  2. Add essential oils.
  3. Add grapeseed oil in increments. Add a little, stir. Add a little more, stir.
  4. Keep adding until the mixture reaches the consistency you like.
  5. Enjoy your super soft skin!
  6. Make sure to keep your body scrub covered when not in use. Otherwise it will end up being an epsom salt brick.

I just did the math for you guys. Epsom salt is about $7 for 2 pounds. Grapeseed oil is $11.  A box of baking soda is $4. And you can use essential oils if you want, but don’t have to. That much product will make 30-40 ounces body scrub. I use an 8 ounce container. So that’s 4 or 5 batches for less than $25!

My favorite oil for this body scrub is Young Living’s Stress Away with a few drops of Lemon.

Are you as obsessed with exfoliation as I am? Let me know if this body scrub meets your standards.


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