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Seminatural Update: Big News!

Big News

I’ve been a terrible blogger the past few weeks.

But I have some big news to tell you….

We bought a house! Plus other stuff happened.

These past few weeks have been completely crazy. And I feel like my life is spinning out of control. There are just so many things happening and not enough time to fit them all into my life.

Let’s start at where I left off.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to…

Moving Past My Abusive Relationship


Back in December, I was sitting in my doctor’s office scrolling through Facebook, and came across this post about another woman’s abusive relationship revelations. Admittedly, I was in that office for a check-up to see how my anxiety and depression medications were working.

I read a paragraph or two and was called back to her office. I told her what I was just reading, because she wanted to know why I seemed so anxious at that moment even though my meds were working well.

She told me to stop.

This article is a trigger and I shouldn’t invest time into going back to that part of my life.

Find out if I listened…

Things I wish I could tell my step kid’s mother

10 things I wish I could tell my stepson's mom

My step kid’s mother and I don’t know each other well. Almost ALL of what we know is told secondhand by someone else. We barely communicate, and when we do, it’s mostly small talk. Apparently “Keep it Superficial” is the name of the game when it comes to step-parents communicating with birth parents.

But if I’m being totally honest, I wish it was more than that.

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What in the world is a blended family?

So, of all the things I could be writing about, why would I choose to define a blended family?

Well, here’s what happened last night. I finished writing my “About Me” page and asked my editor (aka husband) to check it out.  Here’s what he said. “I think it’s really rad, but you might want to check on the meaning of ‘blended family’ before you go live. I’m pretty sure it means we’re mixed race or something.”

Was He Right?