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How to Cure Toddler Constipation

Happy Baby Potty Training

Up until the past few weeks my daughter was having a hard time going number 2. Every time she even thought about pooping, she cried. Whenever I changed a poop diaper, it was filled with large, rock solid pellets. I felt awful for her. And toddler constipation is not a fun thing to deal with when you want to start potty training.

How do you get your two-year old to poop on the potty when she’s terrified to poop at all? 

I Have the Answer!

The Ultimate Customizable Bath Soak



If you read my Blended Family post, you know there are a lot of mothers in our family. And they are all amazing. Usually, I have the kids make them something to mail, but since I’ve gotten really into essential oils, I wanted to test out my skills and send out some handmade bath soak gifts.

I decided on bath soaks because who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath? Plus, it’s less likely to spill all over than a scrub or an oil blend. They’re getting mailed from one coast to the other, so I have to be conscious of that stuff.

Learn How I Made Them!