Super Easy Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew coffee iced

In the past year I’ve joined in on two crazes-cold brew coffee and bulletproof coffee. If you’ve been on Pinterest in the past decade, you have probably at least scrolled by a post or nine about both. They caught my attention.

cold brew coffee carafe
Cold brew coffee has become
a staple to my morning routine.


Here’s why.

Coffee has this effect terrible on me. Well, with the exception of a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee (medium with two pumps of french vanilla and just milk, if anyone wants to bring me one…), my body doesn’t tolerate coffee well. I get the shakes. It drives my anxiety through the roof. Sometimes I think it will drive my heart out of my chest. And thought other people tell me “Coffee makes me poop!”, it doesn’t make me poop. It just makes my stomach all twisty-turny. Which honestly, just makes me pile more food on top.

So in essence, most coffee makes me fat.

Yup. I’m blaming coffee. Shut up, ice cream, it’s definitely the coffee. I’ll never leave you.

But I have a dilemma. I used to chug energy drinks like a UFC fighter before I had my daughter. Now the taste is off and I can only get through like half of one without wanting to vomit. Tea has caffeine, but definitely not enough. So, what do I do?

Last year I read about bulletproof coffee. If you’re not familiar (What???), you mix hot (organic) brewed coffee with coconut oil and organic grass fed butter. It’s said to aid with hunger and be gentler on your stomach than regular coffee. It’s delicious. Sounds like an oil slick. But if you have a hand blender, it looks and tastes like a latte.

Then I found this article that cold brew coffee actually processes the coffee beans differently, avoiding a lot of the acidity that hot brewed coffee has. It helps you avoid that awful coffee breath and is, yet again, easier on your precious tummy.

So, I combined bulletproof coffee and cold brew coffee.

I started out simple and grew my process. I bought a bottle of Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate. It’s brewed really strong, so you dilute it with water (hot or cold) to the strength you like. Once I decided I could work with this method, I started brewing my own.

coffee filter
Making coffee keeps getting easier!

Here’s what you need to make cold brew coffee:

1 large brewing container I use these because we had them in the cabinet. But anything that will hold about 2 quarts of liquid will do.

1/2 pound of ground coffee it can be organic or not. I’m jot judging. Sometimes I run out of the good stuff and use my husband’s Folgers.

2-ish quarts of water

Patience-Mine sits overnight or longer.

It. Is. So. Easy.

  1. Take that 2 quart container and dump the half pound of coffee into it.
  2. Fill the container up the rest of the way with water. Sometimes it gets a little bubbly so just let it sit and then add more.
  3. Cover the container and shake a little to mix it. (Mixing isn’t completely necessary but it makes me feel better.)
  4. Wait. The longer you wait, the stronger the coffee. I usually mix it mid-afternoon and then strain it in the morning.
  5. Strain it.
    • I have tried several different ways of doing this… Cheesecloth is the most common on Pinterest. But it gets expensive buying cheesecloth all the time. And I had too many “Whoops! There goes the whole batch onto the counter!” moments. So, I just make sure our coffee pot is clean, drop a filter in, and let the coffee strain through the filter without actually turning the coffee pot on.

I store it in mason jars in the fridge. That much will last me about a week. Remember, cold brew coffee is a concentrate, so mix it with water or pour it over ice. Recently I’ve been doing cold brew with coconut/ almond milk over ice. When it’s cold out, I add some hot water from my tea kettle and then make it bulletproof if I’m feeling like I have some free time.

I’ll tell you all about it in a later post.cold brew coffee pinterest

Try some cold brew coffee and let me know what you think. Am I the only one who loves waking up and not having to wait for my coffee?


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