How to Cure Toddler Constipation

Happy Baby Potty Training

Up until the past few weeks my daughter was having a hard time going number 2. Every time she even thought about pooping, she cried. Whenever I changed a poop diaper, it was filled with large, rock solid pellets. I felt awful for her. And toddler constipation is not a fun thing to deal with when you want to start potty training.

How do you get your two-year old to poop on the potty when she’s terrified to poop at all? 

I have the answer!

It started in January when we went for her two-year well-check. Her Doctor suggested 4 ounces of prune or pear juice daily to help get things going. She said if the juice doesn’t help we’ll start her on Miralax. That helped a little but she still wasn’t regular. I Googled Miralax to see what the deal was.

Turns out, people have a lot of bad things to say about putting kids on Miralax. Not only is it not approved for children’s use by the FDA, but it’s been reported to cause “neuropsychiatric events” And adults aren’t supposed to use it for longer than seven days in a row.

So why would I give it to a two-year old daily?

Painful poops?
I’m here to help!

I wouldn’t.

I got on Pinterest and Google and searched for all things related to constipation. I learned three main ideas:

1. Not all fiber is equal

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber have very different functions in your body. Soluble fiber is the kind that you eat to keep you full longer. It actually slows down the digestion process, which causes to curb your appetite and avoid hunger pains.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, will get things moving. This is the “roughage” that speeds up digestion and makes it easier for your body to push it along.

Of course, they’re both important, but if you’re looking to move things along, you’ll want to focus on insoluble fiber.

2. Yogurt is the best kind of dairy.

Have you heard of those things called probiotics? Yogurt has lots of them. They are so good for digestion. They keep your digestive tract healthy and clean, meaning less blockages on the way out.  Typically, dairy is known to cause constipation and other digestion problems. I’m pretty sure I heard “You’re going to poop a brick” a million times growing up because of all the cheese I ate. True story.

Happy boy yogurt

3. Coconut Oil… Is there anything it doesn’t do?

Coconut oil is a natural laxative. Coconut is fibrous, and somehow it transfers that property on to the oil. Also, it contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s). Even though MCFA’s are a fat, they’re digested differently than most fats and help boost metabolism. (Proof different is good!)

How did I cure toddler constipation with this information?

I stopped revolving my life around prune juice and stressing about poop.

First step was we paused on potty training. I don’t want her being nervous about pooping because it hurts, and I don’t want it to hurt because she’s holding it in. The less interferences, the better.

Then, we changed her diet. I did it with her to see if it was actually helping or if it was just not potty training. And let me tell you, it helped. We cut out all most dairy. Unfortunately, she loves cheese. So we just kinda cut back on that instead of cutting it out completely. But no more milk. I switched her to a coconut/ almond milk mix because she still loves milk. I give her at least a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning, and she gets yogurt products at least once a day. But more like 3.

Who would have thought? Berries are awesome!

She has yogurt, flaxseed flour, and berries for breakfast. The combination of probiotics and insoluble fiber pretty much guarantees a full diaper before nap time. We haven’s had a painful poop in a few months so hopefully I’ll be writing about potty training soon. Hah!Toddler Constipation Pinterest

Do your child have problems going too? How do you help your toddler deal with constipation?

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