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If you read my Blended Family post, you know there are a lot of mothers in our family. And they are all amazing. Usually, I have the kids make them something to mail, but since I’ve gotten really into essential oils, I wanted to test out my skills and send out some handmade bath soak gifts.

I decided on bath soaks because who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath? Plus, it’s less likely to spill all over than a scrub or an oil blend. They’re getting mailed from one coast to the other, so I have to be conscious of that stuff.
Even though most people don’t suggest it, I went with plastic bottles as containers. I chose these ones for multiple reasons. They won’t break like glass, they cost less to ship than glass, and they’re big enough to put more than one bath’s worth of ingredients in them.


Plus, haven’t you seen enough mason jars on Pinterest?

(Just kidding. I need ALL of the mason jars in my life!)

Anyway, back to the recipe…

I used a combination of Epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils. I will explain why I choose to bathe in Epsom salts in a future post, but let’s just keep it simple. It’s great for detoxing and for sore muscles, and what mom doesn’t need help with both of those?

The reason I’m calling this the ultimate customizable bath soak is because you can use pretty much any oils you want to make it your own. And that’s exactly I did for my family’s moms. I made 6 different blends in a little under an hour.

So, here’s what you do: You mix up the baking soda and Epsom salts in a large container. I love Chinese takeout soup containers. Then you add the oils of your choice (I stuck with 3-5. The recipes are at the bottom of the post.). If you want to color them like I did, you just need a little food coloring. And I stirred it all with a butter knife because it just seemed like the right tool for the job.

After this project, I had a lot of empty oil containers, dropper caps and pipettes. Post coming soon on how to avoid wasting your oils.

Since mine were gifts, I added personalized labels to all of them explaining what was inside. This, plus the food coloring, helped me keep track of which container was for which mom.

“A Mother’s Day bath soak made especially for you.”
“A relaxing blend of {insert oils here}”
“Mix 4-5 tablespoons into a tub of hot water. Soak for at least 30 minutes.”

So, here you go, the Ultimate Customizable Bath Soak Recipe:

1 large container for mixingEssential_OIl_Bottle

1 16 oz. container for storage

1 1/3 cup Epsom salt

2/3 cup baking soda

50 (ish) drops of essential oils

Stirring device of your choice

Food coloring, if desired

*Providing you with a link to purchase most required items. You can either buy the takeout containers or just wait till the next time you order soup to go.

  1. Start out by adding Epsom salt and baking soda to your mixing container. Make sure it is mixed well using your stirring device.
  2. Add essential oils to mixture and mix again until all clumps have been broken up and oils are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.
  3. Add food coloring if desired. Begin with a small amount. It takes a lot of stirring to get the color even. Once it’s even, add more depending on how intense you want the color.
  4. Pour Mixture into storage container. I would recommend a funnel for this step. I didn’t have one and ended up with a huge powdery mess.
  5. Screw cap on, and decorate if you want!

Boom. Super easy, super personal gifts.

Check out my fancy embellishment job!

As promised, here are the oil blends I made for each mom.

My Mom:

10 drops Ylang Ylang

10 drops Cedarwood

9 drops Chamomile

9 drops Clary Sage

12 drops Bergamot

My Stepmom:

(She has sensitive skin so I kept it really simple for her to avoid breakouts.)

12 drops Frankincense

8 drops Cedarwood

18 drops Chamomile

12 drops Bergamot

My Mom-In-Law:

20 drops Ylang Ylang

15 drops Clary Sage

15 Drops Bergamot

10 drops Tangerine

My Stepmom-In-Law:

20 drops Ylang Ylang

12 drops Geranium

10 drops Clary Sage

8 drops Lemon

Essential_OIl_BottleMy Sisters-In-Law (Sister-in-Laws?):

(I needed to use a lot of Vanilla Extract because the scent wasn’t coming through. But these two ended up smelling like creamsicles and happiness.)


40 drops Organic Vanilla Extract

20 drops Chamomile

10 Drops Tangerine

10 drops Bergamot


40 drops Organic Vanilla Extract

20 drops Geranium

10 drops Tangerine

10 drops Lemon

Two comments about these recipes:

  • I ran out of Frankincense after making the first one, so I subbed Cedarwood as a replacement base note.
  • I lost my Lavender. Turns out it was in the kid’s bathroom because I used it for bath time the week prior, but I would have used it with, or instead of Chamomile. Especially for my stepmom.


Interested in creating blends of your own? I will be writing about it soon! There’s more to it than just adding oils to a bottle.

Even though Mother’s Day is over for this year, you can still make these bath soaks for yourself or use them as a gift for any occasion. Which blend did you choose and how did you like it?


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